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Due to the Covid-19 crisis, Bob has moved to Zoom and phone appointments on a regular basis. In-office meetings may resume after state and health officials deem that businesses may open safely. 

Students and parents who prefer to maintain electronic communication thereafter can simply request continued Zoom or phone contact. 

Questions About Covid-19 And College Planning?

Some families may simply be seeking answers or advice regarding college planning due to the coronavirus, building a college list or other pertinent college related questions. If you're not in need of the full range of services provided, please feel free to inquire about my hourly options.

The college search is unique to every individual. Yet, common to all, is the importance of careful planning and meeting deadlines. The better the planning, particularly during the junior year, the better prepared the student will be - and less stressed – when college applications become available entering the senior year.

Some families may wish to seek extra guidance after school hours and during summers in which case an independent consultant can prove helpful. The amount of guidance sought by families over the course of the high school career can vary by family. I provide a free, initial, consultation to discuss my services and learn more about the wants and needs of the student and family.

In addition to the services indicated below, Bob Sprung College Counseling has partnered with area providers to include in the full service package the following:

  • Up to ten hours of college essay reviews and editing
  • Financial aid application review and consultation
  • A free SAT and ACT practice test with full score report and consult to determine the student's testing strengths and weaknesses

 Additional services include, but are not limited to:

  • Building a college list unique to the student
  • Creation of a college resume
  • An understanding of college costs and scholarship/aid opportunities
  • The GUIDED PATH college search and planning tool - (See link above)
  • A student reference manual highlighting college interview tips, college application plans, standardized testing, teacher recommendations, resume samples and more.
  • Bob encourages up to ten in-office meetings to include application reviews and personal college counseling. Also includes unlimited email or phone contact as necessary